Documentation is a critical part of my workflow as I use it to reinforce my learning, preserve knowledge of tools and workflows, and to share my methodologies with others.  My aim is to breakdown key steps in the process so that I can refer back to them as necessary over the course of a project or in other projects.

Using tools like Notion and Whimsical to document in real time allows me to access them online and to share with others in a visual format that is quick and easy to navigate through. I work with these tools daily on my site and update them with the latest documentation. Check it out at this link:



The research of precedents and ongoing developments in design technology provides me with the foundation to elevate my knowledge and explore new realms. This research is visualized through dynamic schematics and concept testing. As noted above, all of this is documented through notes and procedures, but also through visual media like video and screen captures.

The whiteboard tool, Whimsical, again provides the dynamic platform to research and implement the creative design process. In addition, the Vimeo media platform hosts a collection of my research and testing, which can be accessed through the following link:

Vimeo R&D


Efficient multi-tasking and agile adaptation is achieved through diligent task management and effective communication. Each and every project, small to large, is structured around a timeline to track progress, balance workflows, and ultimate completion within the constraints of time, budget, and quality.

The main tools are Gantt charts for delineating dependencies and the critical path and GitHub repositories for version control, issue tracking, and interoperability with a myriad of production tools. At the same time, communication is enabled through all production processes for transparency and clear, concise articulation of information.