Mardini 2021 Challenge

These are all 31 entries for the daily SideFX Mardini 2021 challenge, with 1 themed entry for each day in the month of March. All content generated and rendered myself using Houdini and Redshift, including modelling, rigging, animation, materials, effects, and compositing. In addition to the time constraint of only a few hours each day outside of work and classes, I challenged myself to use a little burro I created to develop each day's themed project. So while each day's theme is unique, I aimed to be consistent in the main character and environment to explore some creative solutions for the given themes.

Regardless of the outcome from the overall competition, I managed to get a few daily recognition awards, which were really motivating for me to continue throughout the entire month. More than anything though, this was a great experience for me to work within some constraints and have fun exploring creative solutions.